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Download LittleBrowse

Before downloading LittleBrowse, please remember that LittleBrowse is distrubuted under the General Public License (GPL) which is located here. Also take into consideration that LittleBrowse is still beta software and may not function as intended. We ask that you report any bugs in the software through our support page.

In order to download LittleBrowse, we recommend you have the following system requirements:

A Windows PC running Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista (all editions) (see note below for Vista users)
At least 128MB of RAM
300MB of hard disk space (including the .NET Framework, 20MB for LittleBrowse only)
Internet Explorer 5.01 or later (to ensure proper working of the .NET Framework and LittleBrowse)

If your PC meets these requirements then you can continue to our SourceForge.net Download Page where you can download the source code and the executable. If you wish to edit the source code, you can download the .zip file, and open it in your local Visual C# editor. If you just wish to install the program, you can download the compressed setup file (.exe extension).

Download LittleBrowse v1.0 Beta 2: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=195899&package_id=231370&release_id=525853

A new patch has been released for LittleBrowse Beta 2 users, resolving broken link issues and Parental Control functionality issues. If you are using LittleBrowse Beta 2 you should download and install this patch using the included installation instructions. This patch does not automatically install, but manual install takes less than 5 minutes.

Download LittleBrowse v1.0 Beta 2 Patch: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/littlebrowse/LittleBrowseBeta2Patch.zip?use_mirror=osdn

For Windows Vista users: the .NET Framework 2.0 which is required by all installations of LittleBrowse is available to download. However, we have not tested compatibility with LittleBrowse on either of the x86 or x64 systems, therefore we cannot ensure that the software will run as it should. However, we do expect little to no problems running this setup file on Windows Vista. We ask if you do encounter an issue using Windows Vista that you contact us through our support page and we will attempt to resolve your issue.

Obtain the Source Code

Should you wish to obtain a copy of the source code for editing, with each and every release I post the source code in a .zip format. When you access the download link above you can either download the setup package or the .zip source package. Download the .zip package and unzip to a place on your hard drive.

Note that editing the source code requires Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition - available here. With the release of LittleBrowse v1.0 Full, I will also be compiling a .NET Framework 3.5 edition, for Vista users, which will require Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Beta 2 Express Edition to compile - available here. Note that both these downloads are free software from Microsoft, and contain no adware or spyware.

If you have C# installed, you can open the solution file which is located in the .zip package. This will load all resources and you should be able to press F5 and the source will compile and run without error. If you have compiling errors without modifying the package then either your installation is incorrect, or the package is broken. Should the package be broken please submit a support ticket and I will re-upload the package to the server.

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