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Welcome to the official LittleBrowse homepage!

LittleBrowse is an open-source web browser based off the Internet Explorer engine. It is designed as a replacement for Internet Explorer, by retaining all of Internet Explorer's capability while creating a small, easy to use browser.

Why would I do this? After surfing the web for many years using Internet Explorer, I discovered that it had many flaws. For example, loading webpages that are large in size may result in Internet Explorer freezing. I discovered after spending some time in the Task Manager that Internet Explorer alone was using almost 50MB of space! With LittleBrowse, I have divided that memory usage in half, creating a faster, and in some cases, superior, browser.

The current version of LittleBrowse is 1.0 Beta 2. The current version of LittleBrowse is 1.0 Beta 2. Please remember that LittleBrowse is a beta product, which means that it is still under development. Therefore I ask that if you use the software please send us some feedback as to how the experience is. If you experience any issues with any plugins or just in general with LittleBrowse, please contact me through our support page and I will be able to assist you and fix any issues with the code surrounding that issue. Your thoughs and feedback help making developing LittleBrowse easier, and in the long term, more stable and secure.


June 17th, 2007 - A patch has just been released for LittleBrowse, which resolves an issue with the Parental Control text box in the statusbar not updating correctly and the links in the Help menu being broken. It is recommended if you are using LittleBrowse Beta 2 to install this patch, which is in a .zip file. See the Downloads page.

June 16th, 2007 - Our new website has officially been launched. I know it's a lot different from what I originally had, but using plain HTML is easier to maintain and takes less time for me to upload, etc. Also, links to the website in LittleBrowse Beta 2 are now broken, I will release a patch soon that will resolve this issue.

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